The machines for the entire exports are automatic & electromechanical controls. They can operate well in all types of weather conditions, even at temperatures as high as 48ºC. With the introductions of smaller machines we are making the machines more affordable & cost effective. All these factors have led to a growing demand from several foreign countries along with various parts of India.

Ice Cream / Ice Water Stick Line

Feature of Stick Line Machine:

  • PLC & E command interface
  • Hybrid of Mechanical Transmission and Pneumatic Transmission
  • Ultra-high efficient of brine circulation system four inputs for uniform temp
  • Max. Residence time in brine for moulds, to attain core temperature for excellent products which can be compared to non
  • Effortless process for changing of moulds within fifteen mins by single person and hence easy to change from one item to another
  • Extra mould shape at affordable cost
  • Optional at extra cost Pencil filler and Micro filler
  • Kulfi upto 170 mm long dia 22 mm possible at 80% capacity with flat stick
  • Seamless Production including with conveyor and wrapping
  • Refrigeration System most efficient recommended and supplied on request
  • Capacity from 3000 to 4000 Pcs / H depending upon shape and mix input temp

Specification of Stick Line Machine: SL-3000

S. S. 304
Length of Machine 5255 mm
Width 770 mm
Working Bench Height 1000 mm
No of moving Moulds 48 Nos.
Each Mould Plate 3 x 4 Rows x 12 Cavities
Stick Length 93 x 10 x 2 mm & 114 x 10 x 2 mm Thick
Brine Pump 5 HP / 3 Phase
Defrost Pump 1 / 2 HP / 3 Phase
Mix churning motor 1 / 4 HP / 3 Phase / 60 RPM
Chocolate Agitator 1 / 4 HP / 3 Phase / 60 RPM
Defrost Heater 8000 W / 41 5 Volts

*Also ask for Stick Line 5000 - 6000 Pcs / Hr including cross conveyor and wrapping.