The machines for the entire exports are automatic & electromechanical controls. They can operate well in all types of weather conditions, even at temperatures as high as 48ºC. With the introductions of smaller machines we are making the machines more affordable & cost effective. All these factors have led to a growing demand from several foreign countries along with various parts of India.

Semi-Auto Liner Type Lolly Machine 1800 - 2000 PCS/HR

Machine to make Ice-Lolly & Ice-Cream sticks after temperature attainment with mould insertion manually into the brine tank assisted with air cylinder to push the moulds. 12 moulds in Brine in motion. (Moulds, Air compressor, Moulds & Cacl2 not in or scope of supply). Average residence time of each mould in brine about 10-13 minutes for water base and 8 minutes for ice-cream mix based Dosing of mix & stick into moulds to be performed manually. Capacity with water ice lolly shall drop to 25-30%, Kulfi production upto 70% of rated capacity.

Complete brine tank of the machine made of stainless steel with inside body SS-304 / 2.5 mm thick & outer body S.S. 304 2.0 mm Thickness. Inside tank will have drain for brine with valve (2 way). Agitation of brine with the help of impellor made of MS special grade assisted with Circulation Pump 3 HP. Cover for the moulds made of insulated doors 25 mm thick to avoid temperature loss during forward movement of moulds. Freezing of brine through Shell and tube evaporator tested for 350 psi. Insulation by puff 120 mm thick to retain temperature. Entire body rested on 6 strong legs. Water Cooled refrigeration system with Bitzer / Bok Semi-hermetic Compressor 15 HP Bitzer or equivalent Frascold / Boke if not available. Ref Gas R-404a, all refrigeration accessories such as filter, HP / LP, oil separator, solenoid valve, Suction accumulator & expansion valve from best in world. Temperature of Brine at -22°C to -36°C.

Electrical supply 415 Volts / 3 Phase / 50 Hz. Control panel consisting of electrical contractors, relays, MCB, electrical counter for stroke etc.

Special Condition:
Mix input only at +4°C or less for rated capacity output to arrive at required capacity.

Machine Requires and To be Provided by Buyer:

  • Water pipe line & pumps, plumbing, valves filters from Source till machine
  • Electric wiring from source to machine
  • Voltage Stabilizer if necessary
  • Cooling Tower 30 Tr & Circulation pump 2 Hp
  • Air Compressor 3 Hp / 40 CFM / 6.5 Kg/cm2 with dry air
  • Air pipe lining from compressor to machine (Flexible Pipe – 12 mm)
  • Unloading and placement at your site


Electric Load:

  • Semi Hermetic Compressor 15Hp and (load on running -32°C 8.5 Hp)
  • Brine Pump : 3 Hp / 3 Phase
  • Heater for Defrost Tank : 1500 W (ON / OFF)
  • Heater for Chocolate Tank : 1500 W (ON / OFF)
  • Pneumatic Solenoid Vales: 24 Volts